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was convicted in one of the largest leaks of u.s. secrets in history. in texas the accused fort hood shooter rests his case without calling any witnesses to testify on his behalf. nidal hasan is accused of killing 13 people and wounding dozens at the military base in 2009. he could face the death penalty. we have live reports on both of these cases coming up. but first, brand new stories and breaking news. >> she was taken against her will by a suspected killer and family friend. now a request for this kidnapped teenager to give a dna sample. who is asking for this very personal information? >>> also, is it safe to go into the woods if you're end of summer plans take you outside. you better beware. our medical experts on the rising signs of ticks. >>> video of an unbelievable crash. it is all "happening now." jon: and we begin with this today. just how massive is the government's snooping program? a new report says probably more than you might think. good morning to you, i'm jon scott. heather: a whole lot more. i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. the answer to that, 75%. that is how much
by mail. attorney general eric holder has his sights set on the texas voter i.d. law. holder said over the weekend, the struggle must and will go on in the cause for our nation's quest for justice until every eligible american has the chance to enter -- exercise his or her right to vote. texans are fighting back. >> this is deeply depressing to see the chief law enforcement officer in the country use partisan politics and that's all it is, to drive a wedge between americans based on race and ethnicity. it's really sad because we have come a long way. obviously we've elected barack obama president of the united states. >> the senator suggests much of this push is about a lame duck administration trying to turn texas into a blue state. arthel: so is there danger if it's interpreted as republicans trying to restrict voting? >> there are certainly some people who think so. virginia, arkansas, tennessee and north dakota have enacted new voter i.d. laws this year and colin powell is among those saying that voting will make it more difficult and immediately turn off voters the g.o.p. needs.
from won. we have the latest developments. texas senator holds duel citizenship here and another country. now the texas republican says he plans to renounce one of them and get what? it's not the united states. also a new twist in the aaron hernandez murder case. what police found that could mean more trouble for the former nfl player. patti ann: police in los angeles are deciding if they'll bring charges against the teen who got stuck in a chimney. he had to be rescued yesterday. he may have been trying to rob the house. but he only got about 10 feet down when he got stuck in the flue. once rescuers freed him, he started hamming it up for the cameras. >> i asked him his age and he told me he was old enough. so he's got a bit of an attitude and he's smiling for the cameras. he thinks this is a game. it's not a game. >> i don't know what to think. i truly don't know what to think because we know who it is. he's a family friend. >> he wouldn't have done anything to him because he hangs out here from time to time. patti ann: rescuers took the teen to the hospital. he appears to have
kits. >> reporter: one example of the trouble planned parenthood is facing was just resolved in texas. a whiting blower claim -- whistleblower claims fraudulent billing was going on. authorities said products and services that were never renders or simply not eligible for reimbursement at all. texas state investigators say patients' medical records were false fited. the affiliate reportedly paid out $4.3 million to settle the claims. gregg: what about the other side? how is planned parenthood responding to all these accusations? >> reporter: well, they said that the accusations in texas specifically were base less and then went on to say this, quote: continuing the litigation in this hostile environment for women's health would have insured a lengthy and costly process that would have distracted our energies and required us to share the private medical information of thousands of women. we are ending this lawsuit in order to devote all of our time and energy to delivering high quality, affordable health care. i also asked them for a response about the report of how taxpayer dollars ar
invited the family over. told them that his home was foreclosed on. that he was moving to texas and that he just wanted to say good-bye. family members say that is the last time they heard from hannah and her brother and her mother. more and more friend say hannah was creeped out by dimaggio, saying he was infatuated by her. her father says while they're waiting on dna results and hoping hannah is okay and he is still trying to absorb everything that has happened in the last week. >> i believe the hardest thing emotionally is still to come when i have to go and start, cleaning out their apartments and rooms. >> reporter: "the l.a. times" is now reporting that hannah's mom may have died from a blunt force trauma. and they say she could have been killed with a crowbar before that home was ever set on fire. jenna. jenna: our hearts go out to that father. will, thank you very much. >> reporter: thank you. kelly: reports that actress amanda bynes could be headed back to court. she has been held in a psychiatric hospital after some bizarre behavior. what a she plans to ask a judge now
down the government if you talk to mike leigh. texas senator 10 crews as well as marco rubio from florida, he he was in iowa this weekend, he was just elected to the senate last year. talking about defunding obamacare. marco rubio is going to kick out the two were in florida today. the republicans think that they have the right side of this. democrats are accusing them of trying to rob health care from people. jon: i read that ted cruz was a rock star out there. a lot of cheers, a lot more than some of the other candidates out there. thank you so much. jenna: dramatic new fallout from the government surveillance scandal. two major security e-mail providers taking the extraordinary step of shutting down service. one was reportedly used by edwards noted. shutdown last week and its owner alluding to concerns over secret government court orders, saying that he would rather take flak from customers than be forced to hand over information. silent circle is the name of the other one. and we spoke with morgan right a couple of weeks ago on what is the right way to do it. morgan is back wi
in the trial of a texas mother accused of trying to kill her former fiance. prosecutors claim vicki renee miller enlisted her son and his friend to try to strangle the man after he broke up with her. >>> the house where ariel castro held three young women captive over the course of a decade torn down today. castro was forced to hand over the deed to the home. >>> and more than 65 years after she vanished, investigators think they may have located the body of 8-year-old georgia jean weckler. they are digging up an empty lot in wisconsin after getting a tip that her remains may be buried there. jenna: well, now to growing concerns in the global war on terror after this news today, the white house is saying it has no plans to go back on its decision to hand over dozens of guantanamo bay detainees to authorities in yemen. this despite the elevated terror alert in the region right now. our national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live from the pentagon with the latest. what else are you hearing from the white house on this topic? >> reporter: well, jenna, yesterday the state departm
come and sea food differently. >> major hasan continues today in texas. he's accused of killing 13 people at fort hood. yesterday a federal investigator who responded to the 2009 rampage described a gruesome scene with medical equipment all over the floor saying there was so much evidence that agents ran out of markers and had to use sticky notes just to mark everything. also the president, he's on vacation today at martha's vineyard. we're getting a briefing from principal deputy secretary that is on going as you see the live picture there and he issued a statement condemning the violence in egypt. we'll talk about that in a moment. plus a deadly plane crash outside the airport in birmingham, alabama. the latest has investigators looking into what brought the cargo plane down later today. >> fox news has a conference call going on right for you. the postmaster general said the delivery of alcoholic beverage $ on his wish list as the agency considers ways to raise revenue after losing $16 billion in the last fiscal year and faces billions more this year. he said the change could ra
, and that's a really big news. the study that we're talking about that's coming from texas health center is that they did a survey of about 4,000 people, and now their -- they're finding out that poor dental hygiene correlates to getting these kind of hpvs which can relate to throat cancer. >> and about a year ago michael douglas, it was discovered that he had the throat cancer from this hpv virus. >> yeah. it was great that he really talked about it, he brought it to the news, and now more and more people are aware of this. hpv is extremely easy to get, there's no good vaccine for this, and about 10,000 men end up with this, about 3,000 women get this. but so now we're finding out that brushing your teeth and keeping a real good dental hygiene can prevent this kind of hpv contamination. even if you get it, by brushing your teept, you can reduce the risk of cancer. it's big news. i also want to tell you something about brushing your teeth. it's not just about cavities. two years ago we had this huge study that talked about the poor dental hygiene and what heart health. so a lot of these
cruz of texas, only been in washington for eight months but already people are trying to get him to noise and he's very conservative and marco rubio, a lead sponsor of the immigration bill and he was on "time" magazine as the g.o.p. big hope. among governors and there's plenty looking for the presidency, chris christie, the governor from new jersey making all kinds of news and made news for criticizing libertarians and rand paul specifically. then there's mike pence who has been planning to run for president since he was in congress. he's been the governor of indiana for a full time. jindal already visited certain states to test the water and walkers who won the recall election could be a real speaksman for reform. a couple of candidate didn't do well in 2012. governor rick perry and rick santorum, they like some tea party ideas but not all of them and the best known candidate, vice presidential candidate running mate paul ryan. he would have a huge rolodex and all kinds of name i.d. and former governor jeb bush. you have a very, very wide array of republicans, all with different
. they said it doubtful any of the other sailors survived. jon: texas senator ted cruz is ramping up his efforts to defund obamacare. if the colleagues shut down the government they could stop implementation the president's health care law. the constitution gives congress the power of the purse, the most important check on an overreaching executive. now is the best chance we have to exercise the power in order to defund obamacare. it can be fund to pass the continuing resolution. a piece of legislation that funds the government and must be renewed by sent 30th. some say the legislation would be impossible to pass and wind up being disasterous for the gop. jamie weinstein is an editor for "the daily caller" and you had this exclusive email exchange with senator cruz. now he says this is not specifically a threat to shut down the government. he says, they're willing to vote or he suggests they vote to fund everything in the government except obamacare and dare the democrats, president obama, especially, to essentially force on the american people a program that cruz says they don't want. >
: at a setback for prosecutors in the major hasan trial. i should say court-martial at fort hood, texas. judge has blocked prosecutors from offering much of the evidence they wanted to enter to suggest the motive in this case. the judge has said that they could not reference the case of hasan who is the soldier you might remember who rolled a grenade into his supervisor's tent in kuwait in advance of the iraq invasion. also said they cannot combrus evidence about hasan's interest years ago in conscientious objector status in his past academic presentations. whether or not this is going to affect the outcome of the trial, there are an awful lot of eyewitnesss who say that he is the guy who opened fire on fellow soldiers at fort hood. the motive, however, that evidence has been blocked by judge osbourne. we'll keep you updated. heather: and the academic papers could include one he wrote in washington, d.c. area where he basically expressed sympathy for suicide bombers. they said that was too long ago. that was 2007, 2008. jon: i can't believe he remained in the army after all of this. heather: a
soldiers. casey is live from fort hood, texas. what can we anticipate happening today? >> well, heather, breaking development just before we went on the air. the prosecution began its closing arguments. they did things a little backwards this morning to how we're used to seeing things happen in civilian court. the jury got their instructions first and then they moved into closing arguments. the judge osbourne meticulously went over all the charges and all of the instructions with the jury. in fact, we want to put them up on the screen and have you take a look for yourself. major hasan is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder, 32 counts of attempted prem premeditated murder and then unpremeditated murder, attempted, unpremeditated murder and then aggravated assaults. now, these are not additional charges, we should note. again, lesser included offenses under that premeditated murder umbrella. now, the prosecution's closing arguments expected to take about an hour or so where they will be summarizing more than 700 pieces of evidence they presented and then review witness testimony
soldiers had to sit behind the prisoners of war from texas to florida, you couldn't buy ice cream. people of black, white and brown determined that was not right and good and that had to end. it did not end until the next year. john kennedy was killed and legislatively we had a civil rights bill of 1964. that was that dream. then the right to vote was the next dream. white women could not serve on jurors, no women on the supreme court. 18-year-olds could not vote. you couldn't vote on college campuses. that was a dream. then in chicago and then over the campaign, then the dream of 1968 became one of great despair. he felt that shipping for the war on pofrt, the war on vietnam was the wrong thing. he died praying about that choice. jamie: many of the people that showed up that day had dreams of their own and they were inspired. what do you think the motivation is for the people showing up today? >> i think we're freer but less equal. those that would like president barack to have a lyndon johnson moment. you know when dr. king spoke, he was speaking to the white house and the congress and
says someone who knowingly texas driver could also be held liable for any accidents. so details on that just ahead. jon: three teenagers charged with a savage beating on a school bus, what prosecutors are asking for. we are live at the courthouse. >>> officials now say the flames from one of the worst fires in california history could burn for months. the latest in the fight against the rim fire near yosemite. >>> and your mother was right to make you eat those veggies. what chronic life-altarring disease could be helped by broccoli. ♪ ♪ jon: and there are breaking developments on the crisis in syria now with new warnings from bashar al assad talking tough to our president with reaction pouring in from around the world as we await a key intelligence briefing ahead of any military action. hello, i'm jon scott. alisyn: great to be with you, welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i'm alisyn camarota. the drum beat of war is growing louder as we get word that a fifth u.s. navy destroyer is moving into position in the mediterranean, and president obama vows to send a stro
hood, texas, with more details about this trial. casey? >> reporter: yeah, kelly, dramatic and also very emotional as you can imagine. i've got to say some record fast opening statements. the government or the prosecution in this case has only spoken for about 45 minutes and then wrapped up where they gave great detail about how hasan allegedly planned and carried out this attack and did all of the planning leading up to it. we also learned troubling information about the shooting spree itself, how the 42-year-old army psychiatrist reportedly had two weapons concealed under his military uniform, 16 magazines holding 4 20 rounds and two laser sights for more accurate firing. then when major nidal hasan was given his big chance for his opening statement, well, he spoke for just a few minutes, probably about two minutes or so, and he muttered something along the lines of, quote: the dead bodies will show that war is an ugly thing. i'm continuing to quote here, the evidence will clearly show that i'm the shooter. as you know, there has also been great controversy with the department of
governments are joining the suit, including those of arizona, and texas. joining us now, the director of the consumer travel alliance. you don't like the prospect of this merger. what do you think about what the government is doing? >> i am elated. this has been like david against goliath operation since the day that the merger was announced. i was against it from the very, very beginning. i got to write one of the very first editorials against it and only as late as the very end of june i was testifying before the aviation subcommittee of the senate commerce committee against the merger, side by side with the us airways people. jon: specifically, what don't you like about it? >> first of all there is no benefits whatsoever in this merger for consumers. it's a great merger if you're an airline but it is no good for consumers. we don't get any benefits from it. next we get a big negative. the big negative we'll lose competition. we're going from four network, international carriers here in the united states, down to only three. and that allows the airlines to set their prices much more
, texas. disturbing testimony from pathologists that studied victims of the massacre. army psychiatrist is charged with opening fire on unarmed soldiers and civilians, killing 13 and wounding 31 others. casey is live at fort hood for us. multiple doctors supposed to take the stand today. what can we expect? >> yeah, exactly. three forensic pathologists we're expected to hear from and that will be the end of that particular testimony. we heard from four already yesterday and the day before. and their testimony has been, as expected, extremely graphic. they've shown multiple autopsy photos of the 13 who were killed on this post back in november of 2009 and some of the experts have said that the evidence suggests a few of the victims shot after they had already died or in their backs when they were already on the ground. the pictures of the gunshot wounds they're talking about not broadcast on the big screen to protect the families who have been in the courtroom listening to the graphic detail of how their loved ones spent their final moments. surprisingly, no emotional breakdowns or tears
rampage at the texas military base. we show you what some say should have raised red flags. >>> slow and steady progress in yosemite where thousands of firefighters are battling the fifth largest wildfire in california state history but there is now a new problem for that year. >>> a mansion once owned by liberace is officially off the market. who bought it and what they plan to do with it coming up. jon: well, "happening now", college dorm rooms like you have never seen them before. the drab, old walls and bunk beds of the past are being replaced with high-end resort-style housing in schools all across the country, all part of an effort to attract the best students. adam housley was one of those students once upon a time. he is now live from davis, california, adam? >> reporter: once upon a time, jon, we called them prison cells back then, eight by eight or 12 by 12 and bunk beds guys crammed in. no more, jon. no more. stainless steel appliance, quarts countertops, bamboo floors. stacking washer and drier full size, if you want to do clothes in the room you can. walk-in closet. that
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